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Posted by: Mobo Oct 2 2015, 06:48 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

As one of the lucky individuals who received a letter of congratulations from one of our highly qualified unpaid interns, you have been officially accepted as a physical participant of Project TEDISON. For your convenience the (between two weeks to six month long) period including but not limited to your collection, processing, and relocation has been permanently deleted from your mind. The good news is that you survived The Procedure, and in a number of days and / or months the hazy feeling you are currently experiencing should mostly be cleared up. Probably. In the meantime, here's a pamphlet to address some common Officially Approved questions.

Posted by: Mobo Oct 3 2015, 02:22 PM

A. Housing

Modular Apartments // capsules

Upgraded Housing
  • All participants are given an apartment key ID card, which corresponds to an apartment branded with their ID#.
  • Using advanced technology apartment positions are silently shuffled at random intervals, meaning participants have a new, random configuration of neighbors daily.
  • *All apartments are identical / modular efficiencies, containing only a small bedroom, bathroom and closet - equipped with a mini fridge, hot plate and a seemingly useless speaker embedded above the built-in bookshelf as well as what appears to be a high-tech - yet corded to the wall - walkie talkie that can be used for phone calls, texting, and sending pictures.
*Rather than modular apartments Androids have have a dedicated capsule and a small storage locker, both of which correspond to their apartment key ID card. "Sleeping" in the capsules functions similarly to charging.

Posted by: Mobo Jan 19 2016, 01:25 PM

A. Shifts

All shifts, explained. Shifts that run before / after a business opens / closes are due to prep / clean up. Meals and breaks not listed.

a. 24 hours

b. 6am - 6pm

c. 6pm - 6am

d. other

Posted by: Mobo Jan 19 2016, 01:29 PM

A. Android Jobs

Learn more about androids here

    Androids can do any job listed within their given sector, rather than being assigned specific job; this is to make sure all necessary jobs are being done consistently and is one of the many reasons AI was developed.
  • Sector 1

    Janitorial / Maintenance / Landscaping
  • Sector 2

    Janitorial / Maintenance / Landscaping
    Medbay Substitute (cover for missing / sick medical workers, run completely by bots after 6pm)
    R&D Assistant (not dedicated; that is they must work with anyone in this sector putting out a request)
    Fish / Energy farming worker
    Agriculture worker
  • Sector 3

    Janitorial / Maintenance / Landscaping (not a maid service, but should see to beach clean up and keep common areas [elevators, hallways, etc.] neat and tidy).

Posted by: Mobo Jan 19 2016, 01:39 PM

A. Levels

    Levels function similarly to pay grades, and dictate the credits and other provisions your participant is granted. Everyone starts at level one (AKA poor) once accepted - regardless of job assignment - and can earn levels by participating in monthly missions.
  • level 0 bankrupt You have no resources; hopefully you can make friends.
    +bonus Free housing, running water and medical care.
  • level 1 destitute You can afford the cheapest meal options twice a day and your tap water.
    +bonus Free electricity, heat, and air conditioning.
  • level 2 impoverished Basically the same thing as above, only now you can probably afford cigarettes or slightly better groceries.
    +bonus Claim a pet here
  • level 3 under-privileged The same as above, only now you don't have to choose between small comfort and groceries. You can have crappy food AND a comparatively cheap addiction, you big-wig.
    [bonus not yet unlocked]
  • level 4 poor The same as above, but with some thrifty budgeting you can go out every now and again.
    [bonus not yet unlocked]
  • level 5 comfortable The budgeting is not so tight anymore, and you can get something nice for yourself or someone special every now and then.
    [bonus not yet unlocked]
  • level 6 well-off The same as above, only now you can spring for the really nice groceries when you feel like cooking, or head to a restaurant when you're stressed and want someone else to deal with it for you.
    +bonus Upgraded Housing
  • level 7 affluent The little things in your budget don't really hurt you, and upgrading your old or acquiring new electronics is well within your means. Even having a costly addiction is not likely to damage you too heavily. Well, at least not financially.
    [bonus not yet unlocked]
  • level 8 wealthy At this tier, your character is well within their means to spoil themselves and a few others.
    [bonus not yet unlocked]
  • level 9 posh The wealth of your character has accrued to the point that it is almost distasteful for you not to share with - or even spoil - others.
    [bonus not yet unlocked]
  • level 10 ERROR - unable to connect. Try again in a few minutes...

Posted by: Mobo Feb 2 2016, 05:12 PM

A. Setting

    Where You find yourself on [redacted]; presumably a planet, though some people theorize that it's actually a very, very, very large ship. Either way, you're here. ★

    When The MOBOnet archives (daily updated copy of the Earth's internet) show the steady movement through 2017 (though many participants quietly suspect that this is inaccurate, and that perhaps the archive is only listing content from the past). The working use, however, of the current year is TY03 (that is TEDISON year three). This, however, is the beginning of Project TEDISON. Welcome to [redacted].

    Technology It can be assumed that the technology your participants experienced before joining the project is at roughly the same place as it was at 2017, however our interns do such an effective job of recruiting civilians who are involved with bleeding-edge technology that in some cases it has been suggested that some may have manipulated factors so that civilians who otherwise wouldn't have became involved with said-technology. In the event that you would like to submit the file of such a participant please be advised that you must first petition MOBO for an exception certificate; failure to do so may result in mutual ejection from the project.

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